Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summer, 2012

mid summer
  a leaf
lands on my shoulder

hot wind
  even the trees
are rusting

  after so much sun
uncertain birds

while reading Basho
  the unmistakable drumming
of a woodpecker

red leaves
  some falling, some not
thoughts of thoughts

parking lot
  overtaken by weeds
and birdsong

high noon
  with no place to hide
one cloud

crow feather
  flies by
in the summer wind

butterfly dream
"cuckoo, cuckoo"!

first tomatoes
  in the kitchen window
a train whistle

watching mountains
  remembering a child
watching mountains

driven to shade
  Central Valley July
the sound of no birds

taking in
  the whole of the sky
one swallow

the grass
  between my feet
little green fish